Mission, Vision, & Core Values


Newcomers HS was designed to create a welcoming, affirming and supportive learning environment for immigrant Multilingual learners and their families. We strive to sustain rigorous, equitable and meaningful learning opportunities to ensure all our students are empowered to lead with empathy in our local and global communities. We aim to know our students well and provide them what they need to advance their goals and dreams while appreciating the richness of knowledge and experience they each bring with them to our community.


Newcomers HS is and will be a high school where the linguistic and cultural identities of our Multilingual Learners and their families will be honored, elevated and affirmed.  Our school will be a community resource where social emotional and academic supports are provided to ensure that all our students are able to optimize their potential, on their journey to college, career and civic readiness, while being empowered to recognize their role in our shared community.​